Beyond the mounting system and antennas, almost every in-vehicle mobile data installation requires, at least, one DC power supply, shutdown timing device and a fuse block. Some set-ups require multiple power supplies or boosters… even modems. All of these power and networking devices need to be mounted somewhere inside the cab of the vehicle.

The challenge is finding a suitable location where the devices won’t be damaged (kicked, exposed to elements, etc.) and the wiring won’t be accidentally snagged or ripped out. Not only is it time-consuming to mount and wire all of these components individually, but also by mounting them in safe, out-of-the-way locations (typically, under the seat or on the back wall of the cab), they are now harder to access for future troubleshooting purposes.

Fully assembled installation power distribution plates (FAIPs) are a central mounting hub for ALL of these components. Using tube clamps, the FAIP secures to the pedestal portion of the mounting system. This provides for a simple, clean installation and keeps the components easily visible, accessible and up off of the vehicle floor.

Because the FAIPs are pre-wired and tested at our facility and ready for installation right out-of-the-box, there is little or no additional splicing or crimping necessary. This eliminates potential wiring or termination errors and reduces the overall installation time 30-45 minutes per vehicle.

Mobile Mounts provides several different FAIP configurations, each designed with hole patterns and stand-offs that match up with some of the most widely used devices used in mobile data projects. Most of the FAIPs are made with Weather Pack connectors that truly allow for a ‘plug and play’ set-up.

For help finding the proper FAIP for your project, please contact our sales team.