Vehicle Power Distribution Units (VPDU) and Accessory Power Distribution Units (APDU) are an important component for any laptop or tablet in-vehicle deployment. They protect the vehicle battery from over-discharge and shield sensitive electronics equipment from low and high voltage damage. In addition, they turn off electrical loads at a preset time after the vehicle engine is shut down, connect and fuse all electronic devices in one central place and feature a ground bus that provides a common point of connection for all grounds.

Standard Vehicle Power Distribution Unit
The original VPDU combines the function of a shut down timer and power distribution fuse block conveniently into one, protected box.
Item No. MM-VPDU-1011

Vehicle Power Distribution Unit with Dual USB Output
The standard VPDU plus dual USB output ports for convenient charging of mobile phones, digital cameras, select tablets and other USB-powered devices.
Item No. MM-VPDU-1014

Accessory Power Distribution Unit
The Accessory Power Distribution Unit is ideal for applications where there are several devices (radios, modems, AVL, etc.) that need to have uninterrupted, continual power. This product has all the features of the standard vehicle power distribution unit, and adds additional continually-powered circuits. This results in the MM-APDU providing four(4) mini-ATO fuses that are controlled by the timer and seven(7) circuits that are constant ‘on.’
Item No. MM-APDU

Vehicle and Accessory Power Distribution Units can be connected to control several common components used in fleet vehicles:

  • Rugged laptop / docking station
  • Mobile voice / data radios
  • Cellular modems
  • GPS units
  • Mobile printers
  • Remote computer displays
  • Any 12-volt device which needs complete protection from harsh and changing vehicle conditions

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