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Have a unique application? Contact us and we can design a solution to meet your needs. Our years of experience in configuring vehicle based mobile data solutions allows us to either utilize existing off the shelf hardware or design a totally custom solution.

Product Design Experts

Product Design

Our design team draws on our over 20 years of experience in installing mobile data equipment in over 150,000 vehicles in a wide variety of applications.  We know what it takes to design rugged reliable solutions that perform to your expectations.  From a simple bracket that holds a printer to a full center command console, we have the engineers to produce the 3-D CAD drawings for review and then fabricate a prototype for final approval.   


Once MOBILE MOUNTS has determined the optimal mounting solution for a client, it is critical that the hardware is assembled accurately and consistently every time. We can pre-assemble and wire all components of your solution into a single kit for each vehicle. Everything needed to complete the installation is conveniently packaged for you, to save time and prevent individual parts from getting lost on site.

This reduces stress on your workforce and also limits the vehicle downtime often associated with large fleet installation, and keeps your workforce and fleet were it is supposed to be – on the job.

Installation Technician


MOBILE MOUNTS is adept at large-scale device and mounting equipment installation and installs thousands of devices into fleet vehicles each year. We employ full-time technicians from California to Florida – and in between – so that we are available to perform installations throughout the United States. We also have resources to assist with installations around the globe.

We excel at project management and coordinate key personnel, manufacturers, our warehouse manager and the lead technicians – all simultaneously – to ensure that your rollout occurs accurately and as scheduled. We strive to ensure that there aren’t any surprises and to minimize wasted downtime for our customers or their vehicles. In order to facilitate project efficiency, we utilize online, real-time project management software that keeps all principals actively aware of daily challenges and productivity. More often than not, projects will have last minute schedule changes. We proactively plan for these ‘unexpected’ developments and oftentimes can adapt to them without time or cost impact to the customer.

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