Mobile Mounts began offering Weather Pack connectors as an option on our Fully Assembled Installation Plates a few years ago to make the installation process for up fitters and our customers easier. Today, they are a standard feature on all FAIPs and installation wiring kits. So what exactly are Weather Pack connectors and why do we strongly advocate their use?

Weather Pack connectors are an environmentally sealed connection system originally developed by Packard Electric engineers (now Delphi/Packard Electric Systems).

Several auto manufacturers have used different varieties of this connector configuration for years because they’re designed to tolerate temperatures from -40° to +257° F degrees and provide a high level of resistance to water or chemical spray and dirt particles. This resistance is accomplished by incorporating self-lubricating silicone seals on each of the terminals (male and female). Further, these silicone seals are crimped to prevent contamination from entering next to the wire. The seal design is such that multiple sealing ribs are used to keep the terminal pins dry and clean.

The terminal pins that transfer the electrical current is non-orienting – meaning they do not require rotating to engage them during connection/disconnection. The terminal pins are fitted with double lock tangs that secure the pin within the connector so the terminal can’t loosen once installed. Additionally, on the outside of the housing, a positive locking system ensures the connecting ends are completely joined and prevent them from coming apart due to vibration or accidental tugging.

Any time that power is tapped at the vehicle battery, it is important to use proper tools and methods when crimping connectors. This is critical because a poor splice or crimp can result in electrical shorts, fire or damage to the data/communications equipment. Using Weather Pack connectors eliminates the need to splice wire or use butt connectors. Simply… plug, snap and go!

There is an additional benefit that several customers have told us they’ve found to be so much easier now that they are using Weather Pack connectors – troubleshooting and warranty repair. Previously, if a component on the FAIP needed to be replaced, they either had to remove/replace the component themselves or ship the FAIP back to us for repair. Both scenarios involved cutting wire, stripping insulation and crimping a new butt connector.

Now, they keep a few extra FAIPs on the shelf and when the time comes to repair/replace a component, they simply remove the FAIP from the pedestal, unplug the Weather Pack connector, plug in and reattach a new FAIP, and send the faulty one back to us for repair. This saves them time and ensures a solid electrical connection.

For further information on FAIPs and installation wiring kits that utilize Weather Pack connectors, please call us at (888) 352-9716 or email our sales team.